Why Us

tryiway is to decrease distance between parents and wards of today’s India. People work round the clock to earn a dream living for their family, but in that attempt the biggest losers are the kids who get all the money to buy them the best of the means possible but lose out on the time it is desired from their parents.

The Information technology has enabled the two different parts of globe to work in synergy and overcome the difference of night and day. If it can enable any kind of information accessible at the click of a mouse, or by a phone call, then why should not we use it to dish out the most valuable and sought after information to any parent; like:

  • How my child is faring in the school
  • What are my child’s teacher’s views about him/her
  • What kind of personality traits my child exhibits
  • Which are the most crucial days of my child
  • Do my child need me at this stage

tryiway team committed to bring the answers to these questions at the doorstep of every parent along with the expertise to access this information. The aim is to shorten the communication time between the school and the parents to such an extent, that it is never too late to take the corrective action for the benefit of a child. The intention is to create a positive synergy between the school and parents for the benefit of a child.

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